Why You Should Be Dethatching Your Lawn

Dethatching can sometimes seem like an aesthetics based choice, you mowed your lawn and now its time to get rid of the ugly yellow stuff left behind. But we are here to remind you that skipping this part may create most problems that homeowners call us about during the spring and summer.

In the serene image, a picturesque landscape reveals the delicate beauty of lavender flowers juxtaposed against a pure and glistening bed of fresh snow. The photo captures the essence of a tranquil winter morning, with nature's artistry on full display. In the foreground, slender lavender stems, with their characteristic gray-green leaves, gracefully emerge from the frozen ground. These hardy perennials, usually associated with warm, sunny landscapes, now stand as an emblem of resilience in the face of winter's chill. The lavender blooms, typically a soothing shade of purple, offer a striking contrast to the pristine whiteness of the snow. Each cluster of flowers appears as a tiny, frozen bouquet, delicate and exquisite in its frozen state. The individual petals, now tinged with frost, exhibit a fragile, crystalline quality, their edges resembling the finest lacework. The lavender flowers rise gently from the snow like a scene from a fairytale, invoking a sense of calm and wonder. The tranquil scene captures the essence of nature's ability to find moments of beauty even in the harshest of seasons. This photo encapsulates the serene, magical aura of winter and the charm of lavender in a snow-covered landscape.

Landscaping Tips for Preparing Your Home for Frost Season

As frost season approaches, homeowners need to turn their attention to more than just the interior of their homes. Landscaping plays a crucial role in preparing your property for the chilly months ahead, especially living in a zone 3-7 like New England. Properly maintaining your yard can help preserve the health of your plants, the appearance of your outdoor spaces, and protect against winter-related damage. In this article, we’ll explore landscaping tips for homeowners to follow as they get ready for the frost season.

The All-in-One Solution: Why Choose a Full-Service Landscaping Company

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional, and well-maintained oasis, choosing the right landscaping company can make all the difference. While some companies specialize in just one aspect of landscaping – design, construction, or maintenance – opting for a full-service landscaping company that can handle all three offers a plethora of benefits. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so much easier and more advantageous to use a landscaping company that can design, build, and maintain your project, all under one roof.

Hardscape Excellence: The ICPI Certified Advantage

When it comes to creating a stunning outdoor living space that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality, hardscape features play a pivotal role. Whether you’re dreaming of a charming patio, a durable driveway, or an inviting walkway, your choice of hardscape products and installation team can make all the difference. At Design Works Landscaping, we take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship, and that’s why we have ICPI certified team members leading the way. In this article, we’ll explore common hardscape products, the significance of ICPI certification, and what it means to choose an ICPI certified team for your landscaping project.

As the rain pours down during the heavy rainy season, many homeowners find themselves wondering whether they should continue their regular irrigation routine or let Mother Nature do the job. It's a common dilemma faced by gardeners and landscapers alike: how to strike the right balance between watering your plantings and letting the rain take care of them. In this blog post, we'll explore the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to water your plants during heavy rain seasons. 

Navigating Plant Care During Heavy Rain Seasons 

As the rain pours down during the heavy rainy season, many homeowners find themselves wondering whether they should continue their regular irrigation routine or let Mother Nature do the job. It’s a common dilemma faced by gardeners and landscapers alike: how to strike the right balance between watering your plantings and letting the rain take care of them. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to water your plants during heavy rain seasons. 

Fall Cleanups: Required or Unnecessary?

If you live in New England then you are probably pretty familiar with the list of home-owner tasks that come every October. As we enjoy the beautiful changing of leaves, it can be easy to watch movies at home or go pick apples with the family and forget about these tasks. But we are here to remind you, there are so many reasons why you should do a fall cleanup. 

Snow setting in New England wintertime, very snowy landscape in a commercial farm setting

To Brine Or Not To Brine?

If you are reading this you are probably in charge of a facility in New Hampshire and you may be wondering what brine has to offer to your facility this winter. Im here to help you make an informed decision on, to brine or not to brine?

10 Ways to achieve a more luxurious landscape for your home

Your home’s landscaping is a grand display of your personal style. With so many different “aesthetics” and “inspo pics” floating around these days it can be really hard to know which changes to make to achieve that luxurious modern look you are going for. If you are interested in how to take your home to the next level follow these 10 tips from the experts here at Design Works. 

10 Steps to picking the perfect plant from the nursery – Expert Edition

Bringing home a new plant can be an exciting addition to any household, but selecting the right one can be a daunting task. With so many beautiful and diverse options available in nurseries, it’s essential to choose a plant that suits your home environment and matches your level of gardening expertise. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through ten simple steps to help you pick the best plant from the nursery for your home, ensuring a thriving and aesthetically pleasing addition to your space.

Defining your outdoor style: The first step of every outdoor project

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home—a place where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Just as you carefully curate the interior of your living spaces, defining your outdoor style is essential to creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. In this blog post, we will explore how to define your outdoor style, taking inspiration from various design aesthetics, and discover how to infuse your personal touch into your outdoor oasis. Let’s embark on a journey of self-expression and outdoor design exploration.

How to pick the right type of stone for walkways

Walkways are more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. They serve as inviting paths that guide us through our outdoor spaces, connecting different areas and adding charm to the landscape. Choosing the right type of stone for your walkways can elevate the aesthetic appeal, provide durability, and create a welcoming atmosphere. In this blog post, we will explore the considerations and options available to help you pick the perfect stone for your walkways, transforming them into stunning focal points of your outdoor haven.

On-Site Design Consultation with our Landscape Architects

On-Site Design Consultation with our Landscape Architects

Clients’ Inner Dialogue might be like:  This year, we’re going to do it!  We’ve been talking about a pool for a while.  We love to entertain.  This could be awesome.  I’m going to look on Pinterest.  Woah, look at that outdoor kitchen.  Look at that fire pit!  I love these ideas.  What is this going to cost?  Where do I even start?  Let me type in local landscape architect.  Design Works!   This company does both the design and the installation.  They even do an on-site consultation. This sounds interesting.  Let me give them a call.

Property Maintenance using just ONE Professional

Property Maintenance Using Just ONE Professional

We know that sinking your hard-earned money into a hardscape, landscape planting, and other projects at your home is a significant investment. It is a privilege for us to work with customers to complete awesome projects, and in the end, we’re just as proud as you are of the results. This is why it is so important for us to provide the option of continued guidance via our proactive maintenance programs.

ROI and Curb Appeal

When homeowners make decisions about landscaping and home renovations may choices ultimately come down to one thing—cost. And when factoring in cost, return on investment (ROI) is an important consideration, as well. For many people, a home and yard is their largest investment. So when you are preparing to make a significant upgrade, the ROI should be factored into that decision. Our advice—focus on ROI and curb appeal.

The Best Time of the Year to Landscape

When is the best time fo the year to landscape? It’s a question we’re often asked and there is no simple answer. Everyone wants their yard to pop once springtime arrives and the birds start chirping. Over time, that’s achievable. In the interim, it takes a little bit of work throughout each season.

Spring Hardscape Ideas

As you’re planning for warmer months ahead, now is the time to start thinking about spring hardscape ideas. There are many decisions to be made about materials—brick, stone, decorative concrete, wood—and design features ranging from ultra-modern to rustic. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite spring hardscape ideas for your dream yard.

Your Backyard Needs a Fire Pit

Your backyard needs a fire pit. You’ve built a new patio. Your landscaping is beautiful. Extend your day and your time enjoying the outdoors by adding a fire feature.
Whether it’s a warm summer night or a cool evening at the beginning of autumn, we know you’ll enjoy a fire pit. Roasting marshmallows or enjoying the stars from your Adirondack chair, an outdoor fire pit is the place to be in your backyard.
When deciding on a fire feature, you ultimately have three options for fuel—wood burning, natural gas, or propane. We’ll work with you to determine what suits your backyard best and what will be the most efficient and useful solution for your needs. Natural gas connects right to the fuel source from your home. Propane requires tanks just like your grill. And a wood burning fire place makes it feel like you’re camping in the great outdoors.
A fire pit can come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Your design can flow seamlessly with the aesthetic that already exists in your backyard. Or you can choose to make your fire pit a show-stopping feature that will catch the attention of anyone who stops by to visit. Depending on your budget, your fire pit may be a pre-made unit or we can customize it down to every last design detail.
We love designing and building fire pits. Contact us today if you live in Hudson, Nashua, or Southern New Hampshire to get started on your design.

The Right Landscape Maintenance Services

Now is the time to decide on the right landscape maintenance services for your yard this spring. You should have custom maintenance package that works for your unique needs. Here are some considerations as you begin planning for your spring landscaping needs.

Use Lighting to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

We always recommend to our clients to use lighting to maximize your outdoor living space. After adding a living space and beautiful landscaping, outdoor lighting really does pull your yard together. Lighting emphasizes the beauty of your plants, garden, and landscape design in a nighttime environment. But most importantly, it maximizes the time you can spend in your outdoor living space. We all desperately await the warmer weather. Plan now for a little landscape lighting to enjoy outdoor living during the most months of the year.

DIY Landscaping Ideas

It’s winter in New England and that means it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground, but that also means it’s a great time to share some DIY landscaping ideas. Just because it’s dark at 4:00 p.m. and there’s three (four? five?) more months of snow on the ground, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on your spring landscaping projects.

Hardscaping in Southern New Hampshire

Now is a great time to plan and schedule your hardscaping project in Southern New Hampshire. While we need warmer weather to plant perennials and annuals and landscape your lawn, we can work on those larger hardscape projects while the weather is colder and snow hasn’t hit the ground yet. Let’s look at plans for a fire pit, upgraded fencing, new patio, or excavation project.

Start Planning Your Spring Projects Now

Winter is the ideal time to start planning your spring yard projects. With leaves and snow falling outside, dream about your perfect yard, new driveway, or firepit and have your design ready so when spring time comes you can get to work and enjoy your outdoor space.

Winterize Your Lawn and Yard

With cold weather on the horizon it’s important to take steps to protect your lawn and yard from harsh New England winter weather. Taking the proper steps now will help ensure your lawn and yard return better than ever next spring. Over the years we’ve worked with homeowners and business owners to get their properties winter-ready and here’s what we recommend.

Don’t Let the Weather Close Your Business This Winter

We know winters in New England can be tough—snow, sleet, freezing rain, wind, and below freezing temperatures. Just because we endure this weather it doesn’t mean your business’s customers should have to navigate icy walkways, unplowed parking lots, and snowbanks the size of mountains.

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