Fall Cleanups: Required or Unnecessary?

If you live in New England then you are probably pretty familiar with the list of home-owner tasks that come every October. As we enjoy the beautiful changing of leaves, it can be easy to watch movies at home or go pick apples with the family and forget about these tasks. But we are here to remind you, there are so many reasons why you should do a fall cleanup. 

Let’s start with the obvious, leaves. They’re icky, wet, and dark brown by this time already and we are sure you’re tired of looking at them. Why not just push them to the side? Well to start, you’re creating the perfect home for mold, disease and bacteria. 

Now, if you are a gardener boasting a very green thumb you may know leaf mold can be used for gardening projects or flower beds with the right care. But if you know you will not be using this newly found compost, you will end up with just that, a pile of stinking moldy leaves in your yard. 

Not only will you have a heap of mold but you will bring along all of the fun critters that live inside of that heap. These invasive insects can really damage your grass, soil and other plants by throwing off the ecosystem your lawn has built over the season. If you aren’t too worried about aesthetics, you may be able to just mow over the dead leaves. But we know well our clients want a yard they can enjoy year round, without dead leaf confetti scattered everywhere. 

Next we can talk about the hassle you will be adding on your own plate come springtime. As we all know winter in New England brings glorious amounts of ice and snow piling onto all the dead leaves you may have “forgotten” to clean up this past fall. Overtime as the snow starts to melt, you will be left with the remains of your choices from last year. Kind of like that little bit of fat we all get after Christmas time. 

By this point you will need a full lawn renovation to get your maintenance routine back on track. This doesn’t even begin to go over the work of fertilizing and reseeding your lawn that now will surely have dead spots from dead leaves left under the muddy snow all season. 

Raking, leaf blowing, mulching, it all takes work regardless if you want to pay someone to do it or do it yourself. But it’s important to do so, to keep the work from piling up so high you don’t know where to even start come next year. It’s easy to believe that just forgetting about it will result in the least effort spent but you will be right back where you started next year. So we say, just do the cleanup and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a gorgeous New England fall vibe backyard. 

Need help with your fall cleanup this year? We got you covered, give us a shout at 603-864-8646 and we can get you taken care of for the season! 

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