Here at Design Works, our goal is to service our clients to the absolute best standard of our industry. We look to be your landscaping superheroes, the ones you can call to get anything done, and with faith that it will be done right and with you in mind.

With this mindset leading us we have established the one thing many landscape construction businesses are missing, full service residential maintenance. Which now includes our five step fertilizer program.

We encourage you to take the time to read the information below so that you may understand how Design Works can take it a step above the rest, providing you with not just mowing, pruning, seasonal cleanups, but now a fully comprehensive fertilizer plan as well.

Read more about our full service residential maintenance plans here. (link to resi plan page) 

Step One: Early Spring

As your grass begins to step out of its dormant state and takes its first stretch of the season, we take this time to give it the nutrients and energy it needs to become stronger, fuller, and more vibrant. Our preemergent will help prevent and control weeds growing far before they arrive. Giving you a step ahead of the rest towards a luscious and weed free lawn to enjoy all year.

Step Two: Late Spring/Early Sumer

With days growing longer and the sun spending more time shining on your lawn, it’s important for us to reinforce the support we first supplied in early spring. This step helps your grass tolerate more stress as the season changes and gives it the nutrients it needs to stay green and lush throughout the heat.

Step Three: Mid to Late Summer

Grub control at this point becomes a priority, this is when your neighbors may start to see large patches of rough, yellow, dry spots in their lawn. But not you! As we eliminate these pests, we again reinforce your grass, ensuring its continued health through heat spells of the summer and the very first frosts of fall.

Step Four: Fall

As frosty mornings become more typical, this step helps your grass withstand the lowering temperatures and maintain the health we have been able to keep steady throughout the year.

Step Five: Late Fall/Winter

With the year coming to an end, and climates reaching their lowest points, your grass will begin to change state and become dormant. When we apply fertilizer at this time of year, we are supplying energy for the grass to hold in its roots, giving it the perfect storage to pull from as it sprouts again in the beginning of the next season.

For our organic buyers- Design Works Landscaping is committed to environmentally conscious solutions to everyday problems. We offer organic options for those looking to source more eco-friendly paths to a perfect lawn.

Our fertilizer program is a year-round helping hand to ensure your landscape is looking not only better than your neighbors, but better than ever before. Call today or use our contact form here to ask about how we can get your landscape on track towards perfection.

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