The Right Landscape Maintenance Services

Now is the time to decide on the right landscape maintenance services for your yard this spring. You should have custom maintenance package that works for your unique needs. Here are some considerations as you begin planning for your spring landscaping needs.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

You’ve spent a lot of money to purchase or build your home, design your yard, and install landscaping features. Maintain your investment by hiring a dedicated team of professionals to prepare your yard and your landscape for months of outdoor living. Additionally, you want to ensure your yard is ready for harsh New England winters. Plan ahead with comprehensive spring and fall cleanups to keep your yard in pristine shape.

Gardening and Planting

Annual, perennial, and vegetable gardens all have home in your yard and in your landscape design. Each garden has its own unique qualities, care regimen, and placement in your yard. Some plants you can plant and enjoy for the entire summer without worrying about. Others will require regular care, pruning, and attention throughout the year.

Watering and Fertilization

Getting healthy plant roots established can be a tricky process. You want to do it right; especially for costlier perennials. Work with a team of experts to ensure your garden is well fertilized and properly watered.

Mowing and Trimming

Regular care for your grass is important for both its health and for the aesthetic appearance of your lawn. Mitigate weeds, keep grass from encroaching into your garden beds, and prevent pests from overtaking your outdoor living spaces with regular mowing and trimming.

Our team at Design Works takes great pride in what we do. Whether it’s landscape or hardscape designs and installations or annual property maintenance packages, we want to work with you. Let’s find the right landscape maintenance services for you in the year ahead. Contact us today for a free quote.