Your Backyard Needs a Fire Pit

Your backyard needs a fire pit. You’ve built a new patio. Your landscaping is beautiful. Extend your day and your time enjoying the outdoors by adding a fire feature.

Whether it’s a warm summer night or a cool evening at the beginning of autumn, we know you’ll enjoy a fire pit. Roasting marshmallows or enjoying the stars from your Adirondack chair, an outdoor fire pit is the place to be in your backyard.


When deciding on a fire feature, you ultimately have three options for fuel—wood burning, natural gas, or propane. We’ll work with you to determine what suits your backyard best and what will be the most efficient and useful solution for your needs. Natural gas connects right to the fuel source from your home. Propane requires tanks just like your grill. And a wood burning fire place makes it feel like you’re camping in the great outdoors.


A fire pit can come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Your design can flow seamlessly with the aesthetic that already exists in your backyard. Or you can choose to make your fire pit a show-stopping feature that will catch the attention of anyone who stops by to visit. Depending on your budget, your fire pit may be a pre-made unit or we can customize it down to every last design detail.

We love designing and building fire pits. Contact us today if you live in Hudson, Nashua, or Southern New Hampshire to get started on your design. 

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