What You Need to Know Before You Start Your In-Ground Pool Project – Part 2

In-Ground Pool Project
A homeowner’s guide to making the right investments when
planning for a backyard pool

You’ve given thought to the pre-installation variables of your pool project; now let’s talk about hiring a pool company. Research is undoubtedly an essential part in starting the process; therefore the decision to pull the trigger is often time consuming.  After all, the company and the team that installs your pool will play a large role in the success and longevity of your dream project. To simplify the process, Design Works can offer you a reference to a pool contractor that will fit the specific needs of your project.  We understand that each project has unique components, budget and goals.  We have created professional relationships with some of the most reputable pool companies in the area, so it is our objective to help you find the perfect fit up front and start the construction project off right.

Pool Lanscape Design 1Here are some other things to think about:  Hiring a pool contractor is one element, but had you given thought to how your specific site works with your desired pool program?  Hardscape, fencing, drainage, grading, retention, planting, lighting, irrigation, etc. are all potential factors in the project.  We find that some of these issues are typical elements that may come as a surprise and/or need some special attention.  So, here’s the honest pitch – Please take a look at our portfolio or give us a call.  We have worked with some fantastic clients to brainstorm project goals, create a fitting design, consider site constraints and opportunities, and to select a reputable pool contractor.  We truly believe that is more than handy to have EVERY possible consideration accurately represented in a pool design, which can also be efficiently translated into a construction plan.   No surprises = peace of mind.

For the same excellent clients we have created designs for, we’ve been pleased to offer professional installation services as well.  We believe that this has greatly benefits our clients by eliminating the need to engage multiple contractors with different specialties.  We are fortunate to be able to have the professional skills to do it all.   It is important to mention this because we have seen projects where miscommunication between multiple contractors weighs heavily on a project and a poor product results.  For example, services provided from multiple contractors can lead to items being installed with different styles and methods, producing different results. Grades may not make sense with certain elements. Drainage may not be pitched or day lighted properly causing ground water and saturation.  Items may become disconnected. Fencing may not line up with the patio appropriately. Plant material may be situated in an area not suitable for proper growth, or suffer from lack of sunlight or shade. Lighting wires may be sliced by irrigation equipment due miscommunication. Any of these common mistakes can and will cause a homeowner significant aggravation and incur extra unnecessary cost.

Pool Lanscape Design 2We believe that having a system in place will simply help avoid costly errors down the road and save our clients time and money. More importantly, you CAN have your project done in one season and can enjoy swimming in your pool.   Respectful relationships with our clients and professional colleagues, unique design, regard to detail and function and the creation of long-lasting, quality construction are part of a comprehensive program we are thrilled to offer.  Please contact us to see how you can have your project designed, contracted, and constructed in 2013!!

Part 1 – Homeowners Guide to a Backyard Pool Project

Part 3 – coming soon…

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