In-Ground Pool Project

What You Need to Know Before You Start Your In-Ground Pool Project – Part 1

A homeowner’s guide to making the right investments when
planning for a backyard pool.

The calendar year of 2012 has come to an end as we now turn our thoughts towards 2013. What does it have in store for you? Finally having that dream pool of yours installed possibly? There is undoubtedly no better time than right now to start developing ideas for your pool project! While it may seem like an intimidating task, there are ways to alleviate some of the stresses that come along with such a life changing decision. Of course the best way to feel confident as you enter this process is to comprise a cohesive design for you to reference as your project begins to commence.

Pool Design ExampleLet’s talk about what to incorporate into our design first. What do you desire in your outdoor space? Do you have visions of an oasis, where a waterfall cascades down your stone veneered spa into a curvature of dazzling blue water? Do you see yourself encircling a fire pit during the evening hours with landscape lights bringing your lush foliage to life? Can you envision featuring an outdoor fireplace arranged in between two seating walls, bringing that indoor comfort to your outdoor space? Maybe you have spotted specific features in books or magazines that have grabbed your attention? Prior to creating each pool design we offer our clients a detailed questionnaire. Our inquiries will range from questions pertaining to lifestyle, design style, and budgeting styles. These questionnaires are intended to assist us in providing you with the most accurate pool project design that best meets the characteristics of your life.  Remember, it’s your dream pool project and identifying your desires is essential in moving forward to the next phase of the design process.

Now that we have determined your needs, let’s talk about how our design is going to help in analyzing your outdoor space. Location is imperative, where is the space most practical? Where will the sun be at its maximum exposure, giving us the most abundance of light and warmth? Let’s consider existing structures on the premises and how the pool will make sense within these margins. Do you have an existing fence? A retaining wall perhaps? What is the topography on your premises? Do you know the proper setback from your property line? How is the drainage in your outdoor space? Is their ledge to consider before excavation? All of these elements are easy to overlook but will be factors in the placement of your pool. Deciding the viewpoint of your outdoor space from the interior of the house is equally as essential. Do you prefer a specific room that will serve as the extension from your house to the pool area? Our Design Works team is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in recognizing these involved particulars. These careful considerations will prove to be extremely beneficial to the homeowner in assuring that no complications arise as the project progresses.

Part 2 – Home Owners Guide to a Backyard Pool Project