The Benefits of Fall Yard Cleanup

Leaves are beginning to change colors in the Nashua area. There’s a crisp coolness in the air. And before the first frost comes your yard is in need of a thorough fall cleanup.

While you would rather spend your fall weekends apple picking with your family or enjoying a Sunday afternoon watching football, don’t neglect your yard. Here’s why:

Dead materials in your yard—like piles of leaves, scraps from perennials, or remnants from your vegetable garden—can carry mold, disease, and bacteria which may cause long-term harm to your landscape.

A thorough cleanup of your yard in the fall will displace insect and invasive critters which can live in the ground over the winter. Particularly, we want to remove any boring insects which could damage and kill trees and larger shrubs and bushes.

Come springtime you want to enjoy the return of your perennials, plant annual flowers, and seed your vegetable garden. By taking of your yard and garden beds in the fall, you’ll help ensure a strong and healthy spring for your yard.

That’s the why; here’s the how:

Take care of your lawn—continue to mow it regularly, lay fertilizer, and plant grass seeds about a month before the first frost is expected.

Rake your lawn, flower beds, and corners of your yard so there aren’t piles festering over the winter.

Trim back weeds, brush, and decorative grasses which are particularly susceptible to the cold and wind that comes with wintry weather conditions.

Prune your perennials with care to encourage future growth.

Clear drainage areas to prevent flooding and damage to your home during the spring as snow begins to melt.

Finally, using all the material you have cleaned up from around your yard, start a compost pile which can be used to amend your soil and add nutrients in future growing seasons.

Our team at Design Works would love to work with you and assist in your fall cleanup projects in Nashua, Hudson, or throughout Southern New Hampshire. For a free quote, click here and let us know.