Don’t Let the Weather Close Your Business This Winter

We know winters in New England can be tough—snow, sleet, freezing rain, wind, and below freezing temperatures. Just because we endure this weather it doesn’t mean your business’s customers should have to navigate icy walkways, unplowed parking lots, and snowbanks the size of mountains.

Plow Your Parking Lot

This may seem obvious, but there’s more to plowing your parking lot than meets the eye. You can’t just keep piling snow in the same spot—over the course of the winter, that pile will grow, and grow, and grow until it’s taken over all your customers’ parking spots and they’ll be unable to visit your business. We’ll get your parking lot cleared, ensure you don’t lose parking spots for your customer, and come back to clear them again once the snow has stopped. Comprehensive plowing and property management is our specialty.

Keep Walkways Free of Snow and Ice

Shoveling your walkway is the bare minimum you can do as a business owner. As snow continues to fall, accumulate, melt, and accumulate again, there’s more work you need to do to keep your sidewalks clear and safe. We’ll come back for additional cleaning and work to mitigate icy walkways to keep you and your customers safe.

Salt and Sand Regularly

With fluctuations in temperature, freezing rain, and wind, it is important to keep your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots salted and sanded regularly. Regular maintenance of your property will help keep your doors open and your customers happy all throughout the winter.

The team of winter property maintenance experts at Design Works with businesses and commercial properties throughout Nashua, Hudson, and Southern New Hampshire on all their winter maintenance needs. Contact us today to start the conversation.