ROI and Curb Appeal

When homeowners make decisions about landscaping and home renovations may choices ultimately come down to one thing—cost. And when factoring in cost, return on investment (ROI) is an important consideration, as well. For many people, a home and yard is their largest investment. So when you are preparing to make a significant upgrade, the ROI should be factored into that decision. Our advice—focus on ROI and curb appeal.

Hardscaping in Southern New Hampshire

Now is a great time to plan and schedule your hardscaping project in Southern New Hampshire. While we need warmer weather to plant perennials and annuals and landscape your lawn, we can work on those larger hardscape projects while the weather is colder and snow hasn’t hit the ground yet. Let’s look at plans for a fire pit, upgraded fencing, new patio, or excavation project.

Start Planning Your Spring Projects Now

Winter is the ideal time to start planning your spring yard projects. With leaves and snow falling outside, dream about your perfect yard, new driveway, or firepit and have your design ready so when spring time comes you can get to work and enjoy your outdoor space.

Landscaping in Southern New Hampshire from the Ground up

As the end of February nears, spring lies just ahead. We “Green Thumbers” soon emerge from a seemingly eternal hibernation to get outside and get our hands dirty. As the weather warms, we remember how landscape gardening offers a real sense of rejuvenation and excitement. To help you catch that spirit, here are a few inspirational thoughts and landscaping ideas.