Hardscaping in Southern New Hampshire

Now is a great time to plan and schedule your hardscaping project in Southern New Hampshire. While we need warmer weather to plant perennials and annuals and landscape your lawn, we can work on those larger hardscape projects while the weather is colder and snow hasn’t hit the ground yet. Let’s look at plans for a fire pit, upgraded fencing, new patio, or excavation project.

Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits are one of the most common upgrades and provide a yearlong outdoor living space. Fire features can range from a basic pre-made unit to a completely customized design which incorporates materials used throughout your patio and exterior spaces. Some fire features tap into existing fuel lines and can be turned on with the simple flip of a switch, while others are more traditional fire pits used for wood burning. Regardless of your choice, an outdoor fire feature is a great addition to any home.


For aesthetic purposes or to increase privacy in your backyard, new fencing should seamlessly fit in with your landscape and hardscape design. New fencing can also be used to harness a rambunctious dog or to safeguard your pool. Common types of fencing materials are ornamental iron, aluminum, vinyl, or chainlink. Depending on your budget and your taste a design that blends function and style can be fully incorporated into your home and yard’s design.


Enjoying a peaceful and beautiful backyard is one of the joys of living in Southern New Hampshire. Your patio should feel like an extension of your indoor living space. Incorporate functional design features like lighting and audio. Choose a unique paver for that eye catching design element that will make your friends and neighbors envious. And create a seamless transition between all your spaces so you can enjoy your backyard from the time the snow melts until the leaves begin to fall in autumn.


The most important step of any hardscape project is excavation. Your designer should work with your excavator every step of the way. Measuring pitching, grading properly, and accounting for soil conditions are key. You don’t want any surprises when the construction equipment shows up and starts digging. In the case of excavation, proper prior planning prevents poor performance stands true!

Questions about a hardscape project in Southern Hampshire? Have an idea but need a design? Ready to get to work? Let us know—we want to work with you!