Commercial Snow Removal: Nashua, Hudson, Pelham & More

Facility managers, we know winter is your least favorite time of year. Choosing from the hundreds of local companies calling to offer you the latest and greatest snow services can be mind numbing, to say the least. Well, Design Works is here to make it easy for you.  

Commercial Plowing

We provide commercial snow plowing winter property maintenance services throughout Nashua, Hudson, and Southern New Hampshire.

Commercial Sanding & Salting

Salting & Sanding

Year round we host a tank of our home-made brine which we use to coat your pavement in the winter.

Walkway Clearing

Our walkway clearing and shoveling surfaces are perfect for those harder to reach, but essential areas.

Our Equipment and Team 

Our equipment is top of the line, specially made and extremely effective for snow removal.  We boast a machine called a Metalpless, a 24ft wide plow that has hydraulic wings, ensuring that we capture the most amount of snow in the least amount of time.

On top of being fully equipped to serve commercial clients, our brine tank ensures competitors will fall short of our services. Year round we host a tank of our home-made brine which we use to coat your pavement in the winter; keeping it ice free and protected from the damage that snow salt can cause to your facility and the environment.  

Our crew is year-round and long-term meaning you wont have the integrity of your facility in the hands of strangers this season.  We are staffed with trusted individuals who are trained for snow removal year after year. We know when it comes to snow, you are most concerned about reliability and quality work getting done on time, which is why we are confident our staff will impress.

We don’t just think about snow when its on the ground. We are thinking about this year-round and preparing our crew and shop with the best equipment possible to give our clients exactly what they deserve. The best!  

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